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Whether on the steps of a courthouse or in the shade of a courtyard, our officiants can make any civil ceremony a memory to treasure for a lifetime. Our officiants meet personally with every couple before their wedding, and work with them directly to determine what about their relationship they would like to see highlighted and celebrated in ceremony on their wedding day. No matter how many revisions it takes, we are committed to ensuring that the rites of your marriage are fitted exactly—perfectly—to the shared values that bring the two of you together.


We welcome couples of all religious backgrounds and feel deeply honored to be included in any celebration of their love for one another. Our officiants are ordained non-denominational ministers, able to administer vows and pronounce a legitimate, blessed matrimonial union among adherents of any faith.


We are happy to use traditional liturgical scripts and procedures or to craft a custom ceremony that better meets the needs of our clients’ faith. We enjoy getting to know each couple we serve on a personal level, and developing a holistic understanding of their personal religious values is one of the most important ways we do that. We listen, learn, and in close contact with you, create a ceremony that honors and celebrates the traditions of your shared faith.


Couples who consider spirituality central to their identity and need a wedding officiant who can work closely with them to create a ceremony that honors their spiritual values are sure to find us to be a great fit. Custom ceremonies are our speciality. We always love taking the opportunity to get to know our clients well, and we are happy to blend the traditions, principles, and values of any religious or spiritual tradition together for a ceremony that celebrates them alongside the love and lives of the couple who hold them.


We’ve found that the trick to creating an ideal wedding experience for couples who come together from different faith backgrounds is listening to and learning directly from the couple themselves. When asked to facilitate an interfaith wedding, we take special care to get to know the faith of each partner well, in terms of both the overarching beliefs on which it’s founded and the practices it requires, out of basic courtesy and respect.


More importantly, though, we get to know both partners well. We want to have a thorough and holistic understanding of the values of each—how those values root them to their faith and tie them to one another, how they are applied in their daily lives, and how we can work to not only apply but honor and celebrate them as we celebrate the love between the people who hold them.


Our responsibility to meet the spiritual needs and preferences of interfaith couples—and if necessary, their families too—is of the highest priority to us. We genuinely enjoy building relationships with all of our clients and working with them to wade through the nuance and specifics of each faith for as long as it may take to create an experience that both partners can remember as perfect in every respect for the rest of their lives together.


We are ecstatic to finally be able to offer our services to LGBTQ community, and do so proudly and happily. We celebrate love in its every form, and all of our officiants are affirming of LGBTQ identities and marriages as a condition of associating with us. We pledge to make all couples feel welcome and accepted in our interactions with them and work with them to build the wedding ceremony they have dreamt of and fought for their entire lives.


We always love having the opportunity to help couples who are already married rededicate themselves to one another. We consider it a chance to celebrate with them both what they have already faced and accomplished in their lives together and what they have yet to face and accomplish—and the love that has held and will continue to hold them together through it all.


We are here and ready to make arrangements for your elopement quickly and professionally, with as little notice as there happens to be. We have a broad selection of existing ceremony scripts written for past clients from which you and your partner are welcome to choose, or for a small additional fee assessed based on how much time we have to prepare, we are happy to work with you and create a custom ceremony that fits your needs and preferences perfectly.


We are familiar with Georgia-based marriages and will be there for you through the whole process of preparing for your elopement: we’re happy to recommend planners and venues we have worked with in the past, and even give pointers on where and how to file for you marriage license and certificate.