Ideal Ceremonies | Meet Us
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Meet Us

Ideal Ceremonies is a community of licensed wedding officiants in the Athens, GA area who are always delighted and honored to meet and get to know loving couples, and create heartfelt, meaningful wedding ceremonies that they can treasure for the rest of their lives together.

We are in the business of building relationships—both between our clients and with our clients. We value our relationships with the couples we marry, and genuinely enjoy getting to know them on a professional and personal level. We believe that these close acquaintances we have with our clients, this holistic understanding of the values that brought and hold them together, are the key to a meaningful, memorable wedding experience. Those relationships we build allow us to create a vibrant and personal celebration as unique and special as the love between the couple being celebrated.

Richie Knight is an entrepreneur and community advocate based in Athens, Georgia. He co-owns HW Creative Marketing, an agency that is dedicated to creating web and inbound marketing solutions for clients across the nation. He is extremely involved in his community, serving on dozens of boards and authorities, he also recently completed a campaign for Mayor of Athens-Clarke County.


In 2015, Richie was asked to officiate the wedding of two of his closest friends. Honored, he happily agreed and applied for ordination as an interfaith minister by American Marriage Ministries. The opportunity to share in the celebration of his friends’ love moved him deeply, and he found in marriage ministry a new and deeply gratifying calling. Richie is truly an extrovert who enjoys getting to know new people as well as possible—he enjoys nothing more than hearing a new story about someone. His favorite part of serving as a wedding officiant is getting to know each couple he marries personally, and he carries that personal connection into each wedding, crafting a customized ceremony to best fit their personal needs and preferences in hopes of making their day as special as possible.